Download MP4 video clips

You can download the uploaded video as a MP4 video clip.

In this step, you will download the video in MP4 format from the management console or using AWS CLI.

Download in MP4 format (Management Console)

First, let’s download the video at a specified time in MP4 format from the management console.

  • Open Amazon Kinesis Video Streams console
  • Click on the Video streams in the left menu > Click on kvs-workshop-stream in the list of streams
  • Click on the Media playback to expand it, then click on the Download clip in the bottom right

Download media clip

  • A pop-up will appear as shown in the image above, input the values below and click Download
    • Source for Timestamp: Server timestamp
    • Time range: Start and end time
    • Time Zone: Your time zone
    • Start time: about 1 minute before the current time
    • End Time: Specify the current time

You can download the file kvs-workshop-stream.mp4, and play it with an app such as QuickTime Player, you’ll see the video in the past minute.

Download in MP4 format (AWS CLI)

You can also use the GetClip API using the AWS CLI to get the the MP4 file.

Execute the following command from the terminal on the PC for operation or Cloud9.

aws kinesisvideo get-data-endpoint --stream-name kvs-workshop-stream --api-name GET_CLIP

You will get the following result.

    "DataEndpoint": ""

Store this value in an environment variable.

export KVS_DATA_ENDPOINT="The DataEndpoint value above"

Then execute the following command.

# for Linux only
ONE_MIN_AGO=$(date -d "1 minute ago" -u "+%FT%T+0000")
NOW=$(date -u "+%FT%T+0000")

# for macOS only
ONE_MIN_AGO=$(date -v -1M -u "+%FT%T+0000")
NOW=$(date -u "+%FT%T+0000")

# in case you don't have the "date" command

# common to all OSes
aws kinesis-video-archived-media get-clip --endpoint-url $KVS_DATA_ENDPOINT \
--stream-name kvs-workshop-stream \
--clip-fragment-selector "FragmentSelectorType=SERVER_TIMESTAMP,TimestampRange={StartTimestamp=$ONE_MIN_AGO,EndTimestamp=$NOW}" \

The command generates a file kvs-workshop-cli.mp4, so let’s play it as before.

That’s it for downloading video clips in MP4 format. The next step is to stream the video in HLS format.